What has kept you going in this COVID-19 period?

What are those little things that you have done that has kept you going this period? Now that everyday is now everyday, we don’t have ‘Thank God its Friday’, we don’t complain about Mondays anymore and the time just keeps rolling and rolling. So what have you been able to do for yourself that has kept you?

On this show with host Oshodi-Tapa we hear Nigerians talk to us about their own way of keeping body, mind and soul together amidst the COVID-19 Lockdown.

For some Nigerians it is something as trivial as planning ahead for the future.

 I am Solomon and am calling from Surulere. I have just been sleeping but then I have a jotter that I write things that I want to do. So after the Covid 19 Lockdown I can do them. So I just jot everything down. 

For some it is safe guarding lives and properties.

My name is Indigo I am calling from Ikotun. I am doing vigilante.

At this point we are shouting out to all the security personnels manning their Posts during this period.

Reading during this period may not be so much fun but it beats cramming a whole syllabus in one evening.

I just gained admission and I am using the admission to link up with my seniors in my law course, I got materials and I am reading ahead. I am on a whatsapp group and I am benefiting from the tutorial there. I see this time as a great opportunity to be ahead and also pursue my dreams of being a writer. Lola from Surulere.

Isn’t that wonderful! Thank you so much for doing that, Lola.

Nigerians can truly be their brother’s keeper.

Thanks to my neighbour we bond together with any food they have. When I prepare mine, I share with them as well. Michael from Ikorodu.

For some it is the blessing of family that keeps them going.

Hello, my sister Oshodi long time, na your friend Comrade Akpan before before. First of all, I am with family here; with my wife and my children. We listen to radio programs a lot, we call in and while away time like I am listening to you now it is part of Covid 19 activity while at home. So we tune in to different radio stations. The one we are able to call in we call in, the one we are not able to call in we listen to the presenter and other people’s opinion and I love reading. There is one book by my side now. After making this call I will be listening to you and start reading. Secondly, as a Christian we have our church hymn book I will open it and my children and my wife here, everybody will read from chapter one whether it is chapter three we read and reach we will read and do the scripture reading and say prayers for our self here. If the children want a drink we will retire to our different rooms for social distancing while in our house here. I think that is family bonding instead of going outside and having myself worked up. I think we are honoring government policy.

Helping others is purpose for some during this period.

I have a bakery in Festac and we are giving bread to people to whoever need it.

People are hungry and the moment you are able to give out food to people it will reduce crime, the moment people can be fed it will reduce crime. Thank you so much.

We hope you were able to find meaning in these messages. While you are at home, the little things that will keep you going please do it. This is the time that you need for yourself, the only difference is we are not going out. This is the time we need to keep innovating every now and then. Open the door of opportunity to somebody else and if they open that door to you, don’t destroy it and do not take advantage of it. 

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