1. Practice Effective Time Management 

To make the best use of your time you have to begin with a clear focus. What is your business looking to achieve in the new week, in the new month or even the year ahead? This will guide you in making¬† a task list that you would follow. Make sure to always prioritize what’s important for your business per time. Interruptions would often come up but ensure that it doesn’t steer you or your team members away from achieving your set targets per time. Discourage Procastination as much as possible amongst you and your team members. Work left tomorrow will eat into another day’s task. So remember to always set calendars and reminders to guide your work processes so as to achieve optimum delivery.

Practice Effective Time Management

2. Keep your Team Members Active and Encourage them to put in the work.

It is very handy for business owners to know and understand what drives every of their team members. You can only know this when you listen to them either through their speech or by observing their body language. When you understand what drives each of them it will help you empower and motivate them to do their best in line with the goals of your business. While doing that make sure to attach each team member to an accountability partner that oversees their work progress overtime and can report directly to you. Allow space for fun team conversations and games as it strengthens and builds team collaboration. Remember to build a culture of learning amongst your team members, keeping their minds engaged at all times.

Keep your team members Active

3. Devise a Marketing Plan that Works for your business

A Marketing plan is a guide that helps you stay consistent in how you reach and interact with new and existing clients and customers. A good marketing plan needs to be consistent, distinctive, credible and sustainable. Your Marketing plan should in detail answer the questions of: what your business is about, your objectives, the services you offer, who your target audience is, your past works, your value proposition and how you plan to go about promoting your business. Your marketing plan would be unique to your business. In creating one that works for your business make sure to first analyze your business characteristics, set a plan, monitor it’s effectiveness and repeat.

Devise a Marketing Plan that works for your business

4. Be Aware of Trends in your Industry

When studying the new developments in your Industry make sure to look out for trends that are likely to stay for a period of time. When you look closely there are patterns that exist in every market change that can be predicted if studied closely. When you notice this patterns you can begin to Design your business plan strategically so as to stay on top of every market change.

Be Aware of Trends in your Industry

5. Personalize Communication with your Clients and Employees

How you’re perceived by clients or Employees goes a long way to determine how they would relate with your business offerings or in the case of your employees, their job directives. If you fail to build a personal connection with your Clients and especially your Employees you may not get the best results in the long term. By showing them that they matter you also place your business as an important aspect of their lives. Make sure to be transparent and real to them on both sides. When you are able to show them that human side to your business and the amazing experiences that would always follow you begin to earn their loyalty.

Personalize Communication with your Clients and Employees

6. Network with other Business Owners

It is important that you build significant relationships with people within your Industry. It will help you stay updated on the opportunities as they come and would also allow you to get favours that would not be open to everyone. So you see how important it is for you to develop solid relationshios. To make this possible attend conferences or seminars within your Industry. Research on individuals who are the top guns within that industry. Reach out to them and try to be creative while doing so, so you don’t come off as pushy.

Network with other Business Owners within your Industry

7. Follow up with Clients and always ask for feedback

This shows that your business cares about what they feel and when it is bad feedback it will be better the news stays within the Business. With feedback you can grow and Understand your customers and clients needs better.

Follow up with Clients for feedback

8. Ask for Recommendations and Referrals

It won’t cost you much to ask that your new and existing customers recommend or refer you to their Network of friends and families. All that matters is for them to put in a word for you in your stead.

Ask for Recommendations and Referrals

9. Remember to say “Thank you”

Your words of appreciation would go forward to cement your relationship with your new and existing customers. It goes to show them that they matter and will be welcomed anytime in the future.

Remember to say Thank you

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