What has been helping you to beat the time? We know a lot of us are not used to being at home, not doing anything, or not moving about visiting friends or meeting people.What do you do when you wake up in the morning till in the evening when you sleep?

On this episode with host Comfort Uwakhonye read as Nigerians share their coping mechanisms during this period and learn how you too can make the best of this time indoors.


Playing Football and Watching Movies for some is a way to beat time.

My name is Tunde and I am calling from Kaduna. We have been asked not to come to work for a while for example I am a corper in a barracks the way we’ve been coping is to watch movies, press phones then for some of the guys we go to play football. We are still within the barracks, none of us is going out. When we do go out when we are coming back inside we have to wash our hands. There are sanitizers for everybody coming into the barracks to use to wash their hands and then all the NCDC’s and co. Even our corper’s lodge there are sanitizers across.

Staying healthy is one Coping Mechanism we can all adopt.

One of the coping mechanism we can all adopt is staying healthy. You can look for any exercise that you think works for you. And for exercising you don’t have to go outside to exercise, you can exercise in the comfort of your room, in your own little space.

Also ensure that you feed your mental health by engaging in healthy conversations with family and friends, that can help you at this time. If you are not staying with your family at this time, you could reach out to people via video calls.

Try not to stay alone for too long in other not to slide into depression. It doesn’t mean get people to come into your house. You can speak to people or video call. 

Do things that would help you discover yourself, your strength and weaknesses.

Try to do things that will help you discover yourself. All of those things you’ve always wanted to do, dreams of learning one thing or the other and you could discover other talents in the process that are hidden. Do those things that will help you discover your ability, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Also try not to sit down for too long so you won’t store fat and calories where you don’t want it. Try to walk around every other hour.

Plan for the Future during this time.

Remember to also plan for the future during this time. The times are uncertain and we do not know what is going to happen in the next week, in the next  month or next two months. Estimate it and be prepared so that if this happens you can do this, or if this happens you can do that. 


Scheduling time for everything works for some people.

When I wake up in the morning I do my chores, I do some little exercise, I take my bath, eat my food then I go downstairs and ride my bicycle with friends.

Reading also helps some people make the best of such periods.

This is Emmanuel calling from Yaba. First of all we need to thank God that you woke up, you are alive, you are healthy and once you realize that you need to live and just like the song you played you need to go live yourself. Like for me I wake up, I say my prayers, I do some scriptural reading and that will enable me to face the promises of God and thereafter I do some reading, I am very excited about reading. A friend of mine introduced me to an app where you can read whatever.

Thank you for the tip Emmanuel. You could look out for reading apps on Google play store or iTunes.

Do those things you’ve always longed to do before now.

If there are some skills that you are looking to learn there are places where you can find them. Some skills you can learn during this period are

1. Digital marketing skills. You can go head to Google Digital Skills for Africa to start the process as it is actually free. 

Google Digital Skills For Africa

2. Excel is also another skill that we can pick up this season. Head to Microsoft Excel help center to start your learning process.

Microsoft Excel Learning

When the learning process becomes too long you can spread them across.

3. For free online education we have Coursera.

4. Then there is EDX.

Learning Courses on EDx

5. Then we have Khan academy.

Learning Courses with Khan Academy

6. We all know Udemy, you can learn something from there as well. 

Learning Courses on Udemy


All these and more. So just look out for any of them and start learning.

Based on the top ten tech skills in demand for 2019. We have;

Top 10 Tech Skill in Demand in 2019

You can take up some of these courses on any of the learning sites mentioned earlier.

To review your resume or CV check out some of these sites and yes it is free.

Top 10 Sites to review your resume for free

We believe that these comments and tips would be useful to you at this time. Speak to people and keep yourself busy at this time. If you have any other suggestions that would be helpful to others do let us know in the comments section.

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